Should I stay away from drinking water in my confinement. Does it cause water retention? Can I just drink red date tea?

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This comes from the belief that drinking plain water causes water retention or will cool down the body too much. The truth: There is no harm in drinking plain water. In fact, because new mothers tend to sweat heavily because of hormonal changes, they have all the more reason to drink water and keep hydrated.

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I think keeping hydrated is very important after birthing a baby. Being hydrated will help wounds heal faster. Drinking special teas for confinement will be good but I reckon you shouldn't avoid water totally. Water is a basic sustenance and it's a bit extreme to avoid it. But that's just my 2 cents worth.

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On the contrary, drinking more water will help with water retention. It prevents the kidneys from thinking that the body is dehydrated and also helps to flush the salt out. Any type of fluid will help, so red date tea is good too if you don't fancy plain water.


Water is to clear your system so it is ok to drink it. Many will Drink red dates with water and that’s ok too but you need clear water too

I only avoided during the 1st week.. and guess what.. i drooled when see plain water... lucky my MIL say can drink...

Water must drink Lack of water causes water retention And no water no milk

Drinking water helps to boost milk supply

No water no breast milk More retention

Super Mum

Drink warm water in between is fine

You need to drink water.