I try so hard to be that "normal" mom/person. When in reality, I'm nowhere near. Simple things like getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and keeping to a routine maybe an effortless thing for you. That isn't the case for me. It takes so much more effort and by the time i get out of bed, brush my teeth and wash my face I'm exhausted. I won't give up, so i decided to run and keep running. Along the way many passerby stared at me. I think its because i was running with my 1 year old son in a pram at 4pm under the hot sun. I tunnelled vision my way through to reach to my destination. Simply because there is a bigger picture which you can't see. I need to get out and run to ride through the peak of my anxiety. #me #running #anxiety #fight #mom #depression #searchingm3 You can help to create awareness for others in need by sharing and liking the facebook page to show your support. @Searchingm3

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I feel you. I am still struggling with that sometime. I was called a "lazy Bum" by my MIL in front of all my husband's side relative just because I am "exhausted" to carry on life and just want a minute of the breather. I, too force myself to be a "normal/useful" person but sometimes it is just not within my control to feel my life is falling apart. Now I channel on my energy to do morning walk/artwork with my kids which is something really make me happy. Don't give up!

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Hi mum, First of all I think being a mum is not an easy thing so do not be hard on yourself and trust me with time everything will be fine and you will feel lot better. Just stay strong and let it be.

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You’re doing great! And this is our new normal:) to be honest, I think it’s an even better version of ourselves:) keep it up, dear!

Thank you for your encouragement do join my page SearchingM3 on fb to gather all other suffers like us.

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you are really a strong mama. I doubt i have as much strength and determination like u

Impressive! There should be a group for this exercise group for moms.

Jiayou Ling! Itz not easy! Dun give up ok?! Ur kids need u!

I don't Jorelle, i only have a choice to do or to die. lol

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Stay positive this is what everyone needs

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You can definitely do this!!💪