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I can't sleep well because of deep cough in the middle of the night. And because of my eagerness to cure my itchy throat that turns to cough, I accidentally drink a Lola Remedios syrup that help me before to cure my dry cough. While drinking this syrup, I read the instruction that Lola Remedios is not intended for pregnant and lactating women. So I ran quickly to bathroom to withdraw/vomit the Lola Remedios. Question, is Lola remedios will still affect my pregnancy even I withdraw it all? What will happen and what to do? Thank you.

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Pag kunti lang nman at nasuka mo lahat wla n cguro effect un. Be carefull next time ayaw natin may masamang mangyari sa baby. Nag lemonade kna lang with honey

4y ago

Thank you sis. Atleast kampante na ko ngaun