First Trimester

Hi mummies and MTM, I am in my 1st tri (week 6 based on LMP), but haven’t experienced any morning sickness. Some symptoms I have are slight breast soreness and tiredness. Missed my period and tested positive on 2 Mar. Went to the gynae at week 5, but couldn’t see any sac, was asked to go back in 2 weeks. Anyone had no morning sickness but have a healthy baby? I had a mc last year and didn’t had morning sickness too. Hence, a little worried if baby will be healthy. #firstbaby #advicepls

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sorry for your loss dear. i had bad morning sickness but my baby was very healthy inside, and was born healthy! morning sickness varies for individual and having that does not mean that ur baby will be healthy/unhealthy. it is important to go to ur gynae as advised. so that they can do scan and see if baby growing well ya :)

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Sorry for your lost but morning sickness doesn’t affect baby’s growth and health! Keep a positive mind and eat as usual unless no appetite at least drink enough water

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Thanks Carol!