Hi all, I stopped bf my baby when he was 7 months. Now he is 1 year old and lately he always get sick, fever. Is it possible to relactate after 6months? Hmmm... I believe mommy's milk is the best antibody... And anyone experienced relactation before, please share your journey.. ?

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Sy dulu masa anak kat NICU, 3 jam sekali pam susu utk anta kat hospital bg anak.. I've try all the supplement, OMB buat still failed..rupanya sy tak boleh makan kubis, when i stop mkn kubis, alhamdulillah byk susu..minum byk susu kambing, susu, air masak and etc..pam every 3 hour, make sure kena ada displin untuk pam.. InsyaAllah okay..

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