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I am sending 2.8 months old toddler to preschool from February. He is not sitting in one place and Sometimes he is pushing his friends. I consulted with doctor told me to wait for 3 months and make him sit at one place . I am explaining him to every day and trying to sit him everyday . I told preschool teacher that if he push his friends stop him and separate him from others kids . It will take time to improve in his behavior now teacher is complaining he is not sitting and he pushes sometimes. What should i do? Its okay to complaint sometimes but affects my health also. I could not concentrate on my work or his activities

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hi, what do you mean by not sitting down? Means he walk arpund in school? Toddlers are very active at this age and they are curious. As for pushing, teachers play a part to explain to the young ones that its wrong to do that. It will definitely take time for them to understand. Do not stress yourself out. Perhaps you and the teachers should talk and work together.

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thank you