No heartbeat at 9 weeks

Hi I just saw gynae for the first time at 9 weeks. Gynae couldn’t hear a heartbeat and saw some implantation bleeding.. advised to come back aft a week to double confirm.. if it’s a miscarriage. Anyone experienced this bfr? Any chance it’s a scare and it’s too early to tell? That I could have calculated my weeks wrongly? Gynae said it may be too early to tell as I don’t Remb what exactly is too small.. 4mm.

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did u count your due date using your last menstruation date? how did u determine that you're at your 9th week pregnancy? it could be maybe you got your LMD wrong or your ovulation period is longer and so, you're probably at maybe week 5 or 6 (heartbeat would not be obvious yet)? usually at week 9, foetus would be there and heartbeat would be obvious already. do u also experience any heavy vaginal bleeding, like fresh blood? if so, it is not a good sign. I guess probably you got your calculation wrongly. if u are still experiencing some early pregnancy symptoms such as sore/tender breast, morning sickness, I think it should be fine, provided if there isn't any heavy bleeding or heavy abdominal cramping. just go back for a 2nd scan to confirm. take care.

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6mo ago

Ahh, then don't worry much. Let's wait for the right time cause it's still small. meanwhile don't stop your folic acid. I usually get my first scan at week 9-12. Let's pray 😀

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it could be too early dear, you could have calculated the weeks wrongly! did the gynae recommend to check your blood? maybe for now what you can do is to test with a pregnancy kit everyday and ensure that the + sign gets darker in colour after every day! if the line is fading instead, pls do not hesitate to go to the ER and let them know.

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6mo ago

pls do check with the gynae if you sense something is wrong! when i first had my antenatal check up i was supposed to be at 6 weeks & 5 days but ultrasound stated baby at 5 weeks + measuring at 7-8mm! pls still continue taking ur folic acid. wishing you the best 🤍

Same here. As a first time, I went in at 9 weeks, no heartbeat, size at 4-5 mm. Told to monitor and come back in a week but was a missed miscarriage. I wish I have more information about it at that point of time. If your period has been irregular, it could be miscalculated. Hope for the best 🙏🏻

hey I've experienced this at my 10th week scan. baby got no heartbeat and measured at 8.9weeks. i was diagnosed with missed miscarriage. but it is also possible that ur baby is too small for them to detect a heartbeat.