7 Weeks Scan, Can’t Hear Heartbeat

Hi Mummies, I did first scan at 7 weeks but could not hear heartbeat. Doctor said it is still early and small. However, we saw flickers on the screen. Does the flicker indicate baby’s heartbeat?

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Flickering is the heart beat. My gynae did not recommend hearing the heart beat as it'll mean that he'll have to increase the ultrasound waves frequency and that is bad for the baby.

I couldn't heard a heartbeat around my 6-7 weeks scan based on my LMP.. but I was able to 4 weeks later.. and was adjusted as 8 weeks old

Don’t worry! I can only hear baby’s heartbeat around 9-10 weeks. I’m now already 28 weeks. Stay hopeful and positive!

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Yes. When u see flickering means got heartbeat. I can't hear mine at 7 weeks too. Got to hear mine at 10 weeks, then going strong at 12 weeks

Yes I did not hear heartbeat at 8 weeks too. But saw the flicker. Doctor just say it happens sometimes as it's early days.

What did ur doctor say? You need to wait for another 1 to 2 weeks before u can detect obvious heartbeat.

Don't worry ...even for me heart beat was clear only at 8 weeks.be happy

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Just wait for 2 more weeks. Mine also couldn't see till about 8 weeks or 9 weeks.

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Yes normal, as long as heart flickering is fine

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Heartbeat can be detected from 8 weeks onwards.