COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

I recently got a text from MOH inviting me to register for my booster shot. I had taken both doses and they were effective before i got pregnant, so now I'm not sure if i should go for the booster shot. Any advice while i wait for my gynae appointment?

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well according to MOH guideline it sld be safe for pregger women to take the booster jab and sld u even contract it after being vaccinated the side effects are not that strong. With that being said though I think I’ll still give it a pass until my baby is born

1y ago

Thanks for your opinion! I was thinking it'd be safe to just wait until i give birth, but then i wonder if i won't be able to breastfeed for a while and for how long 🤔

I'm gg to check the same thing w my gynae nx week. so far my Dr friend, and the cdc guidelines I read all supportive of booster shot. antibodies can be passed on to baby. I'm just worried of getting covid as I work in healthcare..higher risk 🥲

1y ago

Hey there, I am working in healthcare too.. Because my 2nd dose was taken in Feb and I still need to go to hospital daily plus there are some colleagues at workplace got Covid-19 positive.. My gynae encouraged me to take booster now instead to wait til delivery.. I have taken mine 2 days ago at week 33.. So far so good except for slight muscleache at injection site..

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I completed my doses at 30+ weeks but for that booster shot, nah I'm good. I'll wait after I give birth... just too much lah 😂