Booster shot for 29weeks preggy?

Currently 29 weeks and i kept getting reminders from MOH to get my booster shot asap before it lapses in March but i’m really worried about the side effects since I got my 2nd shot when I was 4 weeks pregnant (unknowingly) and i had high fever, rashes and the jab area was swollen. My husband didn’t get any side effects for both his vaccinations but had fever for days during his booster shot so I’m guessing booster shot has more side effects than the first 2? My gynae gives the green light and said the booster shot is safe but i’m worried if my fever (my fever goes up to 39-40 on average) would affect my baby? Any mummies to be taken the booster shot already? And do you guys have any side effects?

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my 1st & 2nd dose was during 12th & 15th week. and recently took booster in 35th week. swelling, muscle ache and itchy at injection site for ard 3 days. the moment i feel a bit warm and headache that night i took a panadol. and another the next day. fever and headache didn't escalate thankfully after that. i think better take, cos going to hospital for appointments and for delivery soon who knows we might catch from anyone. also by sharing antibodies from the jab with baby hopefully baby will be more protected when out in the world.

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I am 21 weeks and just got my booster shot days ago. Was worried and considering as well but went ahead after consulting gynae if it is fine to eat panadol. I had (Pfizer × 3). Just arm pain for 2 days. Did not want to further worry on Omicron for the next few months and hope baby will have immunity as well :) so mummies, do what's best you think.

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for my first two shots I had horrible fever and felt so weak. I'm also getting reminders from MOH on my booster shot... same like you my gynae said no issues to go ahead but I'm not comfortable with it. my husband agreed with me, I've decided to trust my instinct and will delay the booster shot as long as possible. I'm at 22 weeks now.

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2y ago

Hi did u managed to delay your booster past 14 Feb 22? or are you able to wfh?

Took my booster at 33wk and there wasn’t much of a side effect as compared to my first two shots (Pfizer x3). You may want to consider taking the booster before 33wk cause it’s cutting close to delivery

I took the booster shot 2 weeks ago when I was 26 weeks. The so call side effects were the same as my first 2 shots, only arm pain. Till now so far so good.

I took Pfizer booster shot at 37th week =) lucky no problem except from pain over injection site and muscle ache. Gave birth the next week

I took my booster shot 2 days ago. So far just some light swelling on the upper arm. Similar to the previous 2 shots :)

why not my oby ask me to take for extra precautions