Covid-19 booster shot

Hi, I’m currently at 6weeks, and have yet to go for check up. Was thinking of getting my booster shot. anyone else have taken their booster shot at their early stage of pregnancy?

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I took my booster shot at 6 weeks. My gynae said its okay. I've had no fever just feeling warm, my temp was highest at 37.2. Sore injection site which went off in like 3 days. But I do feel extra tired. The side effects are manageable and way better than my second dose.

Maybe if u don't have morning sickness and u feel good, my gynae says its ok at any time of pregnancy, but for me I just got out of Ms last week and now at wk 17 so I might hold till wk20. Cos I don't wanna be handling ms and fevers or pains combo 😅

2y ago

Thank you so much for sharing. So far I've not experience any morning sickness yet, just nausea and an on and off giddyness. Feel better soon 💕

Consult your gynae first. I was 7 wks when my gynae told me to go ahead and said that it’s safe for mummies and baby. But i waited till 2nd tri to take the booster shot. No fever. Only sore arms and body aches.

Taking my booster shot in a few day times. I'm at 28 weeks pregnant and doctor gave green light, don't seem to be a problem!

I'm intending to take only in 3rd trimester. but I've read many mummies/their gynae recommending taking in 2nd trimester.

We dont know what are we allergic to as our hormones change. So its best to take during your 2nd tri. Safer.

My gynae told me to take 1st jab when I reached 12 weeks. You should consult your gynae.

better to take at second tri onwards. consult ur gynae for a better answer!

2y ago

Thank you 💕