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Hi! I’m a FTM who just gave birth last week. This week was pretty tiring adapting to the confinement rules and breast feeding~! I’m still learning to cope. I understand that it is best to pump /latch every 3 hours to increase milk supply. I try to wake up every 3 hours at night for pumping but I feel that I wouldn’t have enough sleep though. Is pumping every 3 hours at night necessary at this stage? How do you manage your schedule latching or pumping schedule? Also, my baby drinks about 60ml of milk every time. How do we know if he drinks enough after latching? Thank you!

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Hi, firstly congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I know how tiring it must be bcos I was there too few months back. I would usually pump 3-4hrs, even at night. I can’t go beyond 4hrs as I’m prone to engorgement & clogged ducts. I’m exclusively pumping btw. What I used to do is, whenever baby wakes up for feeding at night, you pump as well. It will be hard as you will need to multitask but as time goes by you will be a pro! ☺️ My husband actually taught me this as he saw how tired I was & it actually helps as you will get to sleep few more hrs.

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if u are tired at night, maybe stretch to 4 or 5hrs? I don't really wake up at night for pumping I pump 5-6 times a day and latch at night if my girl wake up feed by demand since born, I don't wake her up for milk if she's sleeping at night

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