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Im currently in 3rd trimester, and want to prepare myself in the event that my milk kicks in very slow or if my milk supply is very low. For pumping wise, to stimulate more milk. If baby manage to latch - do i pump after every breastfeed session ? Is it instantly after or wait for few minutes ? If baby dont know how to latch and milk supply still very low - do i feed baby formula for the time being, but at the same time pump every 2-3 hours to stimulate milk? If the milk output from pumping session is very very little, do i put in a milk storage bag and leave it in the chiller or freezer ? Hope mummies can guide me on this #FTM #pleasehelp

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Hello! 1) if baby manages to latch - it's up to you whether to pump or not. Baby feeds on demand during first few months so might latch a lot if you plan to do full latch only. To pump or not - what's your goal ultimately? Do you plan to introduce the bottle so that someone else can also help feed the baby? Are you going back to work so you want to slowly build a stash of bm? You might want to think about these :) 2) if baby hasn't started latching well yet and milk supply is low - continue to latch. Remember to be kind to yourself and baby, both of you are learning TOGETHER. I continued to latch and pump to stimulate and increase supply, while also supplementing with formula when necessary. When I had enough, I stopped supplementing. If you feed fm to supplement and want to continue to bm, yes do still try to latch/pump/both. 3) if milk output is low, and be kind to yourself, it will be low at least at the beginning, it's up to you to freeze or chill. Since you may not have much, you may want to just chill it in fridge since you'll need to feed the baby soon. I only started freezing after I had surplus. Hope these help! If you decide to stop bf for whatever reason eventually, remember it's your body your baby your choice. Nobody can guilt trip you into continuing / stopping. Take care and safe delivery!!

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Hi mummy! 1. If your bby latches well, you can consider placing haakaa pump on the opp boob to collect extra milk for storage or for other caregivers to try feeding bby. Alternatively, you can pump immediately after nursing to try to stimulate more milk production 2. If your baby latches and your supply is very low (usually can last up to first month), you will see these signs: baby will still cry or not settle/sleep after nursing. In this case, you can supplement with FM after nursing. You might also see your bby falling asleep at the boob as your milk supply might be slow and they get bored/ sleepy. In this case, be prepared to latch every 1-2 hours as bby might not sleep long stretches as bby is not full. But frequent latching will ultimately lead to telling your body to create more milk for bby so depends on your motivation level to bfeed:) 3. Usually at this stage, milk output can be as little as 1 ounce each session, so i would pour in a bottle and keep in the fridge after every session, and bag it daily once the amount reaches 3-4 ounces. Good luck and happy bfeeding:)

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Hi there, ur body will tells u when u need to pump as and when. First thing, to prevent engorgement, ur breast will start to full. thats when u can start to pump. Usually u will get busy now and then every 2-3hours to feed the baby. Its better to latch to let the milk productions continues

Very little milk its best to let the baby latch. It will flow slowly