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I am now 39 weeks pregnant and the doc say if week 40 baby still not out he might induce. I am having a 3.6kg baby based on scan now. Scared that I cant have natural birth. What is the risk of induce and with 3.6kg baby can it be natural?

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When i am at 37weeks my baby is 3.3kg; I think our baby might be quite similar in weight. I will be induce at 39weeks which is this Thursday. Inducing at 39 weeks instead of later will have a higher chance of natural birth. If you want to have a natural birth, do consider to induce in week closest to week39 instead of 40. Good luck and take care. God bless you and baby!

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Wah! Big baby. Hmm i think its more towards the mom. Some mommies can give birth normal 4kg+ bb. Diff mum diff result. My bb 2.9 kg need to vaccum coz i no strength anymore hahaha

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Higher weight baby may have higher risk of injury during natural birth as nirth canal is not big enough.. check with your doctor if he advises c sec instead..

no thats ok