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Mummy's, had anyone try before for induce birth? I m currently 38weeks and baby is abt 3.3kg. Doc recommend me to induce he said if too big I may not be able to natural birth. How long does induce take?

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Super Mum

I had induce labour but my case was different from yours. My water bag broke and I did not feel any contractions after few hours. I have no choice but to induce as I need to give birth within 24 hours if not will have infection since water bag broke. After inducing, I started feeling the contractions within an hour.

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3y ago

Hi, ur infection do u mean by GBS?

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Same for me at 38 weeks. My labour was induced for the same reason. The induced labour contractions will be more frequent than natural labour.

Hey. It actually depends on the dose of the med. The higher it is, the faster u will contract and open up. Jia you ;)

Super Mum

I was induced and I feel nothing.