IVF mummies, were you encouraged to induce early?

Hi IVF mummies, my gynae encouraged me to induce at about week 38. He was saying that the risk of stillborn is present (for all birth) and also encouraging me to go for Csect. He said that ivf babies are hard to have and want to take all the precautions to have a safe birth and baby. I am currently at 29weeks and not having any complications so far. So I am not very sure should listen to the doctor or not. Even if i am going to induce, I would still want to go for natural birth instead of Csect, unless the situation forced for it. Would like to know whether anyone's doctor have the same stand?

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hi! i am an ivf mum and my dr did not push to induce me early. i was only induced cos baby is past due date at 40+2. my dr told me that my baby is on the bigger side and that the risk of delivering via c section is higher but asked me if i wanted to try for a natural delivery (and i did try but failed lol). i ended up delivering via csection cos my cervix won't dilate despite being induced.

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Hi there, I’m not a IVF mummy but for my first child, my gynae also advised me to be induced at week 38, as my baby wasn’t growing much in my belly and there is risk of stillbirth as with all birth. Hence I was induced at week 38. Natural birth w epidural, not csect.

I am also an IVF mummy at 28weeks and FTM. My gynae at KKH discourage C-sect unless necessary. Cannot comment on whether to induce early, so far we habe not tocuhed on this topic yet..

Hello mummy my first pregnancy was through IVF, I induced 1 week earlier as I want my baby to be on the same birth date as myself. But my gynae did not push for earlier birth though.

is it private dr?

4mo ago

private drs will push for c-sec sometimes even tho unnecessary cos can earn more. you can seek a second opinion if you wish..