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My baby girl prefer direct latch. She dislike to use milk bottle. How do you swift to milk bottle? I tried Avent, pigeon teat. Both she dislike. Previously she is using Medela and pigeon. But now she totally don't want to use milk bottle. Seek advise from mummies. She is 2.5 months old. But I give her 4m+ teat. Or should I buy bigger size for her?

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Maybe it's the teat size? Baby might not like the flow. Or were you the one giving the bottle? Babies are smart, they know when mommy is around. Try getting your husband to give her the bottle while you leave the room. Took me a week to get my baby to use the bottle 😅

4y ago

Ahh try longer. Although it's stressful listening to baby cry. We tried for up to 15mins until she takes it😔soothe her, carry, rock her a bit and try again. Cos i was worried she wont take the bottle when ahe goes ifc

My baby used comotomo when I bottle feed him before. There is no nipple confusion and he can easily switch from direct latch to bottle feeding.

Can try comotomo bottles / hegen. Read good reviews about them

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Maybe change the teat size for more flow