i want a baby

i need some advices.. last friday morning and friday afternoon i vomited and then in saturday morning until the day end nothing special happen but yesterday, sunday i vomited again when i take my lunch at work i didn't finish it and then i vomited then i decide to finish my lunch at 3pm in the afternoon but i only have 2 spoon then i vomited. Sunday night my husband told me to eat but I don't feel like eating but he force me and after that nothing special happen, and about a week ago i feel dizzy, but early morning today i take pregnancy test and it's negative i don't have my menstrual yet for like 1 month already. i don't know what to do i really want to have an angel.

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You must consult a doctor sis..

Nag PT ka na po?

3y ago

negative man yung pt ko

Try fern C