I need help with a question not related to parenthood, wonder if anyone can help me. My spouse and I have a property loan for 5 years and that time we were both working. Now 5 years later, only 1 of us is working and so our combined income has drastically dropped. We are now thinking of refinancing or repricing our loan to get lower interest rates. We tried applying for refinancing with a different bank before and it did not go through due to our low income. Here are my questions: 1. If we apply to reprice with our current bank, will the bank check on our current salaries? 2. If the current bank checks our salaries and finds out that our income now is a lot lower than 5 years ago, will they go to the extent of recalling our loan? Most grateful for any advice. I dare not ask my current bank these questions in case they work against me.

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I don't know if this is true for mortgages as well but I believe that's how it works for credit cards. Once your credit is approved, the bank is not obligated to check it again unless you give them a reason to. It's on your to tell them your income has changed, but if you don't tell them, they don't have to actively check you. And obviously they don't actually want to know so they try their best to NOT know. (Yes it's screwed up...) but if you tell them, then they are obligated to check and change your credit limit. I think this may not apply for mortgages though, am happy to make a call tomorrow to my mortgage bank and ask to see what they say, am curious to know also!

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