Disgustingly full feeling the entire day

I am most probably in my 4th week ( my first kkh appt is next week). Lately for the past week, I have this disgustingly full feeling, even thinking of what to eat kinda repulses me and I feel like vomiting but I can't. It's a really uncomfortable feeling and that feeling last the entire day to the point where I have not eaten anything for the entire day and at dinnertime, I still feel immensly full and don't feel like eating anything. Is this normal and what do I do to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling? Please advise. Thanks!

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Super Mum

Its normal! I am 16 weeks now but I felt exactly like that during my 1st trimester. I know it's really super uncomfortable ): Try to figure out what works for u. Like if there's any particular food that u can tolerate. Generally, it's advisable to avoid spicy/oily/greasy good cuz it's said to upset the stomach and might make u feel worse. I find that an empty stomach makes me feel worse so I always try to at least eat a bit, but maybe small portions every few hours. Btw my 1st scan was scheduled 12 days after I tested positive on a HPT. During my scan I was around 6 weeks and we managed to see everything via a transvaginal scan, including the flickering fetal pole. All the best for ur scan too! 1st trimester is the worse cuz you get anxious and worried between scans plus you're also dealing with morning sickness and fatigue. ):

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6mo ago

Thanks for your advice :)

it’s very normal. best to check with your gynae. gynae can probably prescribe something for you. it’s perfectly normal. you may also wish to consider having appt on 6th week instead, higher chance of seeing fetal pole or heartbeat even.

6mo ago

Thanks for your advice. :) So I wouldn't be able to see anything during my kkh appt in my 5th week? I had an ectopic pregnancy early this year and I'm afraid that this pregnancy won't be viable that is why I am hoping to go to kkh ASAP to confirm viability of the pregnancy.