I get this on certain days.. feeling full & feel like vomitting. sometimes after a meal i feel fine.. but sometimes i feel like its not digested properly & i start to burp & feel like vomitting. How do i prevent this? Im not eating alot and i do chew my food slowly. I also eat probiotics on certain days. I just dont know what is wrong & sometimes i cant sleep the entire night. I tried walking around the hse after a meal but sometimes it just doesnt work & my feet gets very tired of all the walking. I just want to rest after a long day at work ?.. gynae suggests gaviscon so ive been eating it once i feel like an indigestion coming up.. dont know if it would harm baby in a long run. What should i do? I feel tired feeling like this and i dont know how to make myself feel better... gaviscon does provide me temporary relief but i dont want to depend on meds everytime i get this. :(( feeling very lost cos i dont know what to do...

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I actually had meds throughout my whole pregnancy because I had really bad indigestion. What you can do is Take smaller but frequent meals. Eg instead of 3 big meals, take 5 small meals. Do not sit / lean / lie down at least 1 hr after meal times. All the best! All these will pass! 😊

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