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Itchy scalp
My LO has been putting medicated oil on her head since she was 1 week old, as My mil says that it is necessary so that wind will not go into her body. Since she was 3 months old, cradle cap started to
My LO had cradle cap after she was 3 months old. Slowly it will fall off and now she is 6 months old, no more cradle cap already. What I understand from online read was cradle cap will also cause som
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See PD
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Yes, please bring your LO to see a doctor or pediatrician. And please stop applying oil on your LO head. Take care
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Do check with PD further if the itch don't stop
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For the itchy scalp. Suggest to stop the oil.
Haenim breastpump
Just wondering if anyone experience this. I have my pump level on memory, however sometimes the pump jumps to another level, like 6 to 5, not sure why this is happening. Anyone experience this too?
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Wet wipes
I would like to know if it is alright to use wet wipes during diaper change at home instead of tissue and warm water, since it is more convenient
Yes that is fine
Sure why not
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U can just bathe the baby directly.
yes! It’s just that it’s not economical and eco-friendly.
Post pregnancy pains
Hi, I’m have joint pains in my fingers post-pregnancy. I would like to know if it would go away after awhile. Thank you!
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Yes. For mine it goes away after around 2 months plus.
Currently Dr Han is my lo’s pediatrician, but I would like to know if it is possible to change to another doctor/clinic which is nearer to home. Do I need to inform the doctor on the change? Thanks!
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I did not inform.. I just change
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Yes you do. And maybe let the clinic know which clinic you’re gg over, so they can fax/email all the past medical reports over
Hearing and metabolic test
Hi everyone, just want to check if hearing and metabolic test are necessary to be done?
Check with gynae