Hi I would like to feed cheese to my 9 months old baby, which type of cheese can I feed? Thanks

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On top of the sodium level, best to feed natural cheese. Natural cheese is usually those hard block cheese whereas cheese like laughing cow, kraft singles are all processed cheese. You can check out brands like bega (non organic) or organic valley. Both brands sold in NTUC

Sorry to ride on but is there any particular brand for cheddar dat doesnt have too high sodium content? Thanks mama!

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cubed Cheese or any mild flavour cheese. Babybel is a good brand

I give cheddar as well, especially in my mac and cheese for baby!

Cheddar and cube cheese. I like laughing cow.

Cheddar (mild) n cottage cheese R recommended

@ruby I'm using this .. got from finest

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Mild cheddar is good.