Couldn't pee after delivery

Hi I would like to check if any mummies here have peeing issue after delivery? I am currently facing this issue and on a catheter now

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Super Mum

I rem the nurse inserted a catheter when I was in labour, got it removed after. I was afraid to pee for the first 6 hrs aft vaginal delivery.. Nurse came to check on me a few times if I did pee. At the 6th hour, when I had to change pad, nurse brought me to pee. It was really mind over matter. Relaxed, and let it flow.. 😅

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I was actually afraid to pee after the nurses removed the catheter, as I had an episiotomy. But no choice, still have to pee cause they need to measure the amount of urine. Just keep drinking plenty of water and you will eventually need to pass.

Super Mum

Hi. Have you been on a catheter from before giving birth or they insert again for you after not being able to pee?

just keep drinking water. when your bladder, the bladder will push it out

Just continue drinking water . U will be able to pee on your own soon

i forced myself to drink lots of water. hope all is well for you.

Consult Gynae Should drink more water