Hi I would like to buy normal Blender to make my baby food however the salesman at courts told me that their blender is not BPA free hence she suggested to get the avent instead. Pls advise Thank you

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I use a normal blender - frankly speaking I think it is totally ok. It's not as if u are cooking the blender or microwaving it or leaving the food for v long in there. U can let the food cool down so that it is warm and not v hot when u use the blender. U only using it for maybe a minute? Only 1 or 2 meals a day are using the blender. Baby will wana eat food w more chewing to it soon so u only using it for a couple of months. Even if not bpa free it is not dangerous either as if it was it would have been recalled. Go ahead and just buy a normal blender

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How old is ur baby? Actually u can only use a blender for a very short period of time. At 6 mth old when bb starts solids, they can actually take mash food already

My firstborn i used an avent, formy second now i use a nirmal blender. Frankly, we cant be too rigid. Ill stick to a normal blender.

I used avent and i find it quite useful. Up to your preference. You can even use it for urself next time