Baby food blender

Is it necessary to have a baby food blender to make puree or we can do it in a normal blender?

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Super Mum

A normal blender is fine. The baby blender is convenient because you can steam and blend in one appliance, but it’s not a necessity. Do clean your blender well though, especially if you’re using it for other things too:)

Depends if you have help. If no help and you're alone then better to get those dual function steam then blend. If you are on a tight budget get the autumnz brand. Works just fine without spending a fortune.


I use baby food blender cos it really save alot of hassle. Steaming and blending can done at one go. Especially when you need handle baby yourself.

Not necessary, I feel that a baby food blender is just a gimmick when you can use a normal blender as long as you get the job done.

Super Mum

You can do it in a normal blender as long as you clean it properly and wash it with hot water.

2y ago

Alright noted. Thank you.

I hav both , but still prefer normal blender

Super Mum

Just a normal blender will do :)

Hi, Normal blender is also fine

Thank you all for the replies.

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Normal blender is fine(: