Is the Philips Avent baby steamer and blender worth the price tag of $150? Seems awfully expensive for something you can make at home with your usual blender but mummies seem to swear by it? What am I missing?

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I have one of it but resort to buying a separate steamer and blender. Although it is convenient, I find that it is too small to make more than a meal. Most importantly, normal steamer and blender can be used for the family once baby grow out of it. I feel that is it not worth it to pay that amount to use for a few months.

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I like the convenience that it provides for me, as I do not need to steam my baby food separately before blending. Also, this ensures the hygiene of the prepared food as there is no different utensils involved. However, one down side is, it is hard to wash and there was once my finger was cut by the blade during washing.

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I have one but end up not using it. Collecting dust in the cupboard now.

Nope. I don't find it worth it.