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Anyone has blender to recommend? Conditions: Silent, can blend hard food like nuts & raw carrots, budget not more than $80 & easy to wash. Those hand-held blender gd to use? Any experience? Or Avent 4-in-1 steamer & blender is gd? Is it silent? Of cos tiz budget will exceed.

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I had the avent as well. It is silent and it blends everything well including those that you have mentioned. I would definitely go with that rather then a hand held blender. Also do consider second hand, good option, you can get it for as low as even $50.

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I dun think infant care puree food till 18 months. When my daughter was 1 yo, she was fed normal porridge already.

I have the Avent one. I received it as a gift; and surprisingly(because I wanted to get the bebecook), I like it a lot. It's silent, blends well. Easy to assemble, dessemble and wash.

you can try the little bean steamer and blender

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