Foods to avoid for healthy pregnancy

I know there are many foods we can still eat or drink during pregnancy (in moderation). What are the absolute NO-NOs?

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Alcohol,cigar and raw foods!! absolutely a NO NO! Just 1 kind of fruit in every meal to moderate the sugar..anything else you can eat - as per my OB's advise

fruit - watermelon, pineapple drink - Chinese tea, sweet drinks, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol food- crab, raw food, junk food, process food, Chinese spicy food (Sichuan)

1y ago

aw. i always eat and crave for pineapple and watermelon

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Absolute no nos are alcohol, cigarettes and raw foods. Anything else must be taken in moderation especially sweets, salty and spicy.

No more sweets, spicy and salty. No to carbs, No Fastfoods, no softdrinks and no to with caffaine drinks like (coffee, tea and milkteas)

2y ago

I also drink coffee 1 cup a day, and normal naman si baby. Okay lang naman daw mag coffee sabi ni OB pero inom madaming water pagtapos.

alcohol, raw food and uncooked cold food all other cooked food including ham, fried food etc all is safe just should eat moderate.

Raw food, alcohol, unpasteurised dairy products, milk and cheeses and certain Chinese herbs like dang gui.

Anything with artificial food, control to eat with sweet, you dont want your baby to get bigger inside your tummy

Foods not cook well like bbq, poached egg, raw meat; too much salty, too much sweet, fatty/oily foods

Big no-no will be raw food like sashimi, alcohol, certain herbs. The rest still able to eat in moderation.