may i know is it a must to go reunion dinner for pre and actual CNY?? Both my husband and i divorce. Waiting for final judgement. I have sole custody. care n control of my child. my husb separated for 2 years and dont even bother to see me and my child. planning to move on with my child. enough of shits that i hv gone through. my husb is abusive and i cant tolerate that.

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Reunion dinner is for family to get together. If you are already separated and have not been in touch with the family, then there's no point for the reunion dinner unless your child asks for it

I think the reunion dinner and the actual day dinner is a tradition. It is good to respect it and rekindle with your family.

No - live your own life. Play it by your rules. If you don’t want to go for reunion dinner - then skip it!

I wouldn’t go if I were you, it’s not a happy occasion unless MIL ask me then maybe I will consider...

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for me I won't go. already not together why still need reunion dinner.

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Do what you feel comfortable, reunion dinner or not, it doesn't matter.

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nahh... just bring your kid to your own side of family will do.

Whatever that makes you and your baby happy i’d say (:

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it is up to you! trust your own instinct