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Is a domestic helper necessary for parents with kid(s)?
If necessary, do share what duties your maid does?
It really depends on how comfortable you are to have a stranger staying in the same house as you, and what duties you are going to assign them. How old is your child? Will you let the maid do all the
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it depends on own situation. i prefer doing lots of things myself 🤣
If both parents are working, then yes.
I don’t think it’s necessary, but it does help relieve some of the parents duties, especially if both are working.
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it depends! if both parents are able to help each other with chores, and caring for the kid, it can be done.
Any of your 5m baby is trying to "stand"?
Is it ok to keep letting baby "stand" with support from your arms? Baby seems happy doing it
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its gd Mummy..let yur lo do for them
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yea and is it healthy for the leg?