Hi may I know how many months onwards we can bring baby to cinema. So keen to go for movie but nobody can help us to look after our baby :(

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It depends how comfortable you are bringing your child to the cinema, and how your child reacts to loud noises! I know of parents who bring their child to movies as early as 2-3 months old, but also know of others who haven't been to one even at 3-4 years old. I'd say it'll also depend on your comfort level because in cinemas, there are many stimulations in cinemas - especially if you're watching a not-so-child-friendly show :x Normal movie screenings have loud volumes and bright screens, so even if LO is looking away it may over-stimulate or scare them too. There are some special movie screenings that are child-friendly, the lights are dimmed and the volumes are set lower - they also set up diaper changing stations nearby. However, these are NOT the most recent movies and they are all children movies haha :x You can find them in places like Shaw or GV, usually on a particular weekend of each month

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