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Hi any mummies enrol their LO in infant care and the baby doesn't sleep? Will it affect baby night sleep after one whole day in infant care?Im enroling my baby in oct and he will be 9 months. He is very cranky and fussy and will need to rock and cradle him to sleep. I tried to put him down and pat to sleep but doesn't work. How can i help him. I am getting paranoid now. Will the teachers over there let him cry cause i know there will be alot of babies to handle. Any experience mummy? I really need to know.

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Is he cranky because he is teething or colic ? Try give him some grip water ? Or rub some oil on him before putting him to sleep .. Does baby have sleep routine ?

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Since birth he is already cranky and fussy because he is on antibiotics as i am group b strep positive. His gut is not strong as being given antibiotics in the hospital. He have reflux and gassy stomach. So all this while his been having sleeping issue and i gave him probiotics till now. In order to comfort him i need to rock and cradle him to sleep. That is why till now he doesn't know how to self soothe. Tried to do sleep training but he cried a lot. Dunno whether its his stomach giving problem or not. Usually his bedtime is around 830pm and he will wake up around 530am. His nap time also varies as he is a light sleeper. Did rub him with yu yee oil but still the same. Only sleeping he is having issue whereby i really need to rock him.

I have no such experience. But see if this is helpful to you. https://sg.theasianparent.com/establishing-a-bedtime-routine