May I know after this week's baby fair @ suntec (12-14aug), when's the next baby fair and where will it be held at?

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Not too sure if they are from the same organisers but there will be a Baby Baby Exhibition at the Singapore Expo, Hall 6, happening on 2-4 Dec 2016. You can check that out, reckon it will be a huge event since it's in Expo.

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I never knew till I became a mom. The baby fairs are so often. I thought it was once a year. But they have baby fairs every few months.

There is one baby fair at suntec from 25-27 Aug. Heard is pretty big & have toysrus booth too...

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They say next year Jan will have one more. I heard from one of the vendors

There's another baby fair organized by Baby Market on 14-16 Oct at Expo.

Baby Land Fair @ Expo Hall 5 ~ 22-24 Nov 2019

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There’s one in November and January

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October and November

Next one November

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