Knowing What the cries of your baby means!

Hi! I am Ke! I am a single Mom of my Little Man Abe, a breast feeding advocate and I spend most of my times reading books, reading articles and watching a lot of things about babies.. Here are some tips on knowing what your baby wants and says with their cries 1. Nehh - if your baby starts crying and their cries sounds like it has a "N" sound, high possibility your baby is hungry 2. Uwaahh - " A " sound your baby is probably tired and sleepy 3. Ehh - " E " sound, not really crying but short E sound, probably your baby wants to burp 4. heh - " Heh" sound, means discomfort 5. Mmghh - probably pooing? credits to the owner or the doctor I read/ watched about regarding these. It really helped me a lot in knowing what my baby wants or needs ? Post me a comment for questions! and follow me! I ll try to post more things that may help you a lot! Next post: Knowing what milk is best for your baby ?

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if you ignore your baby s cry or you were not able to give what he or she needed, mag iiba ang crying cues ni baby...

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Thanks for sharing mommy. Napanood ko 'to isang beses sa YT, sa Oprah Winfrey Show kaso nakalimutan ko na yung signs. ๐Ÿ˜„

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yup! eto un! hehehe you can still try too check yt

i know when my baby makes the mmghh sound he is dropping bombs all over the crib ๐Ÿ˜‚

I ll be posting soon about what milk is good for your baby, and how to change milk

about to post, about milk options and changing milk for your little one!

madami tlagang natutunan sa pagbabasa.. keep it up!!

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a big help especially for the first time mom. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Wow.. very informative. Thank you momsh.

Thanks mommy for sharing..

thankyou! for sharing