Can anyone help me or does anyone here experienced what I'm experiencing right now? This is my 2nd baby, my experience and milestone in my first and this one has a huge difference. In my first born I didn't experience much of the pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy thingy a lot but in this one, I'm a bit too sensitive when it comes to smell, sense, food and everything but my huge problem is my nipples. Last time, on my 8th week it hurts a lot. And i checked it, i have a milk leaking a little bit drops then the other day till now, it doesn't happened again. Since the day I went on my 9th week my nipples hurts alot and lot even more. The pain is like I'm nursing for the first time. My OB asked me to take paracetamol but i don't feel like drinking OTC meds like that except for my prenatal vitamins. Do you have any suggestions how to ease this pain? Please take time to read. I'm not good in explaining. Thank you in advance. Your experience/suggestions will help me a lot. ??

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Have you tried to compress mamsh?

4y ago

Hindi pa po eh. Di ko po kasi alam kung ano mas better if hot or cold compress po ba?