Knowing What the cries of your baby means!

Hi! I am Ke! I am a single Mom of my Little Man Abe, a breast feeding advocate and I spend most of my times reading books, reading articles and watching a lot of things about babies.. Here are some tips on knowing what your baby wants and says with their cries 1. Nehh - if your baby starts crying and their cries sounds like it has a "N" sound, high possibility your baby is hungry 2. Uwaahh - " A " sound your baby is probably tired and sleepy 3. Ehh - " E " sound, not really crying but short E sound, probably your baby wants to burp 4. heh - " Heh" sound, means discomfort 5. Mmghh - probably pooing? credits to the owner or the doctor I read/ watched about regarding these. It really helped me a lot in knowing what my baby wants or needs ? Post me a comment for questions! and follow me! I ll try to post more things that may help you a lot! Next post: Knowing what milk is best for your baby ?

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thankyou! for sharing