Pregnant Wife is cheating

I jus found out that my Wife who is 4 months pregnant has been cheating on me. What should I do? I found out as I stumbled into her email inbox and read all her romantic emails to her Co worker

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This is tough! Really sorry you're going throug this at the moment. Please have a talk with your wife. This could be a confusing time for both of you, so seeking the help of a counsellor might be a go


Sorry to hear that. I would suggest that you should have a good talk with your wife to understand what happen. Things might not be what you thought it is until you ask and find out the truth from the


At this point, it would be good to talk to her to explain the correspondences with her co-worker. If help is needed a counselor can come in to help.

Ask her about the Emails after all she is your wife,sorry to hear but there are many reasons why Women will cheat,Sexually not satisfy,unhappy marriage,taking revenge which is why having a conversatio


I think you really need to talk to your wife. Very sorry to hear what you’re going through.