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Hi all, I am in week29 now and so far I have already put on 11kg! My gynae has asked me to cut down on snacks etc but some mums also tell me, they had similar weight gains at this period so it’s not alarming. But I still find it a lot. To add a bit of background, I have hyperemesis gravidarum (since week6, and the whole 1st tri I was vomiting 8-15 times a day, and at my peak it was 30+++ a day. Week 18 onwards it declined a little to 10 times a day, and now at week 29 I’m down to 5 times a day. My pre-preg weight was 48kg (I’m 165cm) and I’ve always had trouble gaining weight, never once been in the acceptable weight range, even though my whole diet consists of carbs, fatty food and no greens. I’m worried and puzzled why I’m gaining so much weight despite having underweight problems my whole life and now vomiting several times a day.. Every night I go to bed with gastric cos I don’t dare to eat too much, but every time I step on the scales the number just increases. Anyone with HG also gaining weight like crazy???

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Super Mum

It’s not just the total weight gain amount but gain comparison to your prepregnancy weight and despite your HG, the weight gain is not so healthy. And you will gain much more in the last 2 months. So some control of unnecessary food like unhealthy snacks would be beneficial. Check also if the weight gain is for yourself or baby weight gain. Cause if baby is large, you may not be able to deliver naturally.

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3mo ago

Baby is now 1.2kg, which is average I think? All the weight is going to me! I’ve alrd cut down on snacks but every time I step on the scales, the weight just increases..