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Hi! I am at my 27th week. Turning 28th week in a couple of days time. I have not been gaining weight much since the beginning of this pregnancy. And no- I never had any morning sickness. I am currently working from home and try to have long walks and a mini trekking for the past few weekends - nothing major. Should I be worried? I am a KKH subsidised patient as compared to my first pregnancy whereby I went to a private gynae so we couldn't really check on baby's growth for each checkup. Here is my progress thus far. 13 Apr, Mon - 56.2kg 13 May, Mon - 54.7kg 12 Jun, Fri - 56.2kg 17 Jul, Fri - 57.2kg My current weight goes up and down from 57kg to 58kg. What are your diet or meals like? And are you ladies gaining weight? I want baby to gain weight and be healthy so I am just worried cos I don't seem to be gaining much weight myself.

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Check with your doctor. If doctor confirm your baby's weight gaining is correct . Do not worry much .do not give up food due to morning sickness .try to eat small diets .