Prematures baby? (37 weeks pregnant)

I am in netherland now. Jan. 22, 2020 i'm 36 weeks pregnant and we have follow up check up in the gynaecology. They said my baby is in 3. 5 kilograms. And im Filipina 145 cm height. They worried because the baby is too big. They suggest to get out the baby in first week of february. They will not wait on my due date, feb. 19. Is that possible if i give birth in 37 weeks or 38 weeks, my baby will be premature. This is my 1st baby by the way.. please i need advice.

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37 weeks is fullterm, meaning you could give birth and it is not premature.

Full term n po ang 37wiks momshie..ok lng po un..fully develop n c baby..

Hindi yan premature. Full term na yan so pwedeng pwede na ilabas.

37pataas mommy pwede nayan mag labor kasi fullterm na sila

37 weeks din lumabas ang baby ko. Full term na po yan ☺

37wks fullterm na po ndi na po ung magiging premature..

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Di na po premature kapag 37 and up na sya ilalabas 😊

Pwede naman tagalugin na lang. Na stress ako magbasa teh.

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nkapanganak na yan siya

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37 weeks is already full term, that's as far as i know

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full grown na po ang ganyang to deliver.