Anyone who is in the same boat as me? Covid positive?

So my family tested for Covid last Sept 8. Out of 6, 4 of us tested positive- Me, my husband, my 14 year old and my 3 year old daughter. I can’t see my 2 kids since we are in quarantine 🥲 Now the Yaya reported that my 1 year old has a fever and my 2 year old has colds. I am hoping they are not Covid positive too. They will be retested tomorrow morning. Anyone here who is in the same boat as I am? How are you coping? If my 2 toddlers test positive (knock on wood they don’t), I will really go out of this room and care for them. #COVID_19 #motherhood

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That's really sad news, mommy. I'll pray for you and your family. Get well soon! Kakayanin n'yo yan!

3y ago

Thank you so much 🙏🏻 Stay safe