I heard that putting food coloring in the toilet can help to potty-train your child to pee in it (like magic, red will turn to orange, blue to green, etc) -- but will this stain my toilet?

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I toilet trained my boy by using a cup first. Get them to pee in that first whenever they have the urge, once they get older, i bring them to the toilet. They had no issue

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What a strange but fun idea! Hmmm... if it stains, I'm sure you can remove the stain using baking soda and vinegar mixture.

This is the first time im hearing this. Why don't you do reward system instead? At least your toilet wont be stained?

Wow! This is my first time hearing of such a method. Whatever works i guess.

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Sounds fun!!! Gonna so try this. Thanks for the idea

I just blow whistle and ask him to pee and he did it