How to toilet train and what age?

What age do u start with potty or toilet train and how did u do it from diaper to that?

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I started from age 3 for both boy & girl with no diaper. Kept bringing them to the toilet and ask them if they need to urine or poop. I will keep asking them every 5 mins. If they accidentally urine on the floor, it's ok. Don't scold them as they are still learning. If they nap in the afternoon, I will put the rubber thing (forgot what's it called) on the bed but they wear diaper to sleep at night. Once they get used to the morning and afternoon routine (may take few weeks for them to get used), I will let them sleep w/o the diaper at night but before they sleep, I will ask them to urine 1st. Do prepare for them to wet the bed. It is totally ok. They are still learning. But tiring lah. Then again it's how they learn to toilet train. When we go out I will let them wear diaper until they have learn to tell when they want to urine or poop

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I actually did it when baby understand a little of what I mean. at 18 months old she will point to her potty when she want to poo.

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