Hi mummies I would like to know how do you potty train your child. My girl is 30 months i have trained her for 3 days for 3 hrs. I bring her to toilet every half an hr 1st day was good she pee in the toilet however for 2nd and 3rd day,i still bring her to the toilet but she didn't manage to pee is only after bring her out from the toilet about 10 mins she would pee on her panties 3 times bought her to toilet after 10 mins then she wet herself. She would run and tell me she wanna poo and she did and would also tell me she wants urine but the urine part is only the things she didn't managed to do it in the toilet. Would need some advice. Thank You

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Hi, like you I tried potty training my child at ard 24 months but it was a complete failure, I figured she wasn't ready physically and emotionally. So instead of stressing us both, I stopped. I simply offer her a choice of diapers and very pretty princesses underwear during every diaper change. My rule for her is she can choose either one but if she chooses the underwear she would need to pee and poop in the potty. And I talk to her about using the toilet (show her how the toilet bowl works, how the flush works, how the potty works) and I place the potty near her play area. 7 months later at 31 month, she chose the underwear out of the blue and did very well. we only have very few accidents and they were very minor ones, like she pee-Ed a little in her underwear and was able to stop and rush to the potty. My guess is your child is probably not ready either physically or emotionally, and stressing her about it may be counterproductive. This link below may help you. http://www.janetlansbury.com/2014/08/3-reasons-kids-dont-need-toilet-training-and-what-to-do-instead/

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Hi mummy i will Look at e link. Thank You!😊

Firstly your child needs to be ready. Some signs such as knowing the difference between pee and poo. Able to talk. And have lesser wet Diapers. Start off by taking her to the toilet immediately once she wakes up. They usually pee quite a bit in the morning. Do not force her. Also patience. It will get better. Mean while, you need to encourage her =)

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Keep repeating and don't give up that's the main key to potty training. Otherwise don't rush, you can let your girl potty train in her own.