Hi mummies! I'm 26weeks pregnant

i have sore throat and flu now, can i take the orange medicine (for sore throat) and normal flu medicine (yellow colour)?? And what if i have fever, can i take paracetamol?

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Best to see a gp. I had viral infection during 23 weeks. GP prescribe all the medicines u mention plus cough mixture. I only took the flu tablet and cough mixture. I didn't want to take too many medicines. Fever I self treat by sponging (my hubby helped), sore throat I drank lots of warm water. Do take note once u took those drowsiness medication, your baby movement will get lesser. Don't be alarmed... Guess baby is also drowsy.

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Hi im recovering from a sore throat and cold as well. I try to up my water and Vit C intake, and also use a humidifier to keep my nasal passage moist. Loads of fruits and veg. Try to keep away from meds unless you run a fever.

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I only know paracetamol 500mg can be taken. Other than that, it’s best to consult your doctor and inform them you are pregnant so that they can advise to provide you with the medicine at your interest

Try take honey lemon for ur sore throat... Like warm it's better if for flu better put Vick ur feet make it warm... Coz it happen to me all pregnancy get sick dis is wat i been doing... To avoid medi

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Paracetamol is safe for pregnant. Just follow instruction on how many can you take in a day. Do not overdose.

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Better to see the doctor and have them to prescibe some preg safe medication. Panadol is safe to eat though.

Generally can. If you don’t recover, then see a doctor and inform you’re pregnant

Best to see dr and dont self medicate. You may never know if the meds are pregnant safe but i do know normal panadols are fine. Try honey lemon. It helps for me