18 month old feeling insecure after sending to child care

I have recently sent my LO to child care for a week, previously he was all along taken care by family members. After 2-3 days we realized his behavior sort of 'changed'. He became a lot more needy like, A LOT MORE and will always cry for mama and papa. This didn't happen in the past. He doesn't seem to be enjoying school either (though we know it will take time for him to get used to it, it has only been 1 week). We are really worried if it will negatively affect him emotionally/mentally so we are considering cancelling his cc. But yet at the same time we also want him to learn how to be independent and bond with other kids, since he doesn't have these opportunities at home and enrichment classes are expensive tbh. Anyone has similar experience? Seeking any opinions pls. Thanks!

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Our LO took some time to adjust but in a few weeks settled down. It really helped to be patient with him even if he is more clingy and moody then usual. Talk to him and acknowledge how it’s hard at first but it will get easier . This way you give him words to express and work through his feelings and fears

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Def just needs more time, 1 week is too early to tell but keep monitoring and if it doesn’t improve after a few weeks then consider alternatives