When did your baby learn to speak in full sentences?

My child is 14 months old now. He babbles gibberish at times but have also learnt to identify some people like his caregivers, papa, mama, yeye, etc. I realise we tried teaching him signs to which he does it when we say it without realising the meaning. Like he shakes his hand when we ask him if he doesn't want his food but he leans forward and opens his mouth. I'm wondering when will he realise the meaning of some of the words we are trying to teach him and articulate his thoughts more clearly..

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Super Mum

My daughter was very slow in starting her speech. She could say maybe 1-2 words at 18 months, and papa/mama correctly at 23 months. I was worried initially, but her speech development accelerated after 2yo, and now I wonder why I was even worried 😂 Simple sentences at 2.5-3yo, complex sentences and big words after that. It’s hard to get her to stop talking 🤣 (she’s now 4)

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Every baby hit their milestones at different age My LO speaks full sentences at 2 years old Always speak to LO in a proper sentences and words, it helps a lot. Let your LO eat and chew any kind of food too, chewing helps with strengthen LO’s jaw which helps too.

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Hi, Don't worry too much on it as every baby's development is different so with time it will happen :)