Sinovac vaccine at 5 weeks of pregnancy

Hi, i have a concern. I got my first jab of sinovac on 17th july. And im expecting my period on 18th. But then, theres no period for a week and im worried so i did pregnancy test and it turns out to be positive. Will it affects my baby condition in any health and physical terms? Pls help a young mom out 😭 tqsm #firstbaby #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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You may consult doc sis. Before that, Ive watch 1 video that stated the reason why pregnant woman can't vaccinated before 14m in order to avoid unstableness of mothers themselves i.e morning sick. I experienced the exact case like you, but i refuse to take vaccine because I took pregnancy test before I confirmed such appointment. No worries dear, everything will be okay.

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1y ago

I hope so too. Aamiin. Didnt know i was pregnant too sbb sakit perut mcm nk senggugut. Didnt expect that tbh. Hope there will be no problems. Thanks mommy!

Saya pn mcm ni.. vaccine 18 july expect period 21/22 july.. tp xturun2... sbb last period 22jun.. bile test upt buln july tu.. still negatif.. and buln ni buat lagy pn negatif lagy.. prgi klinic doktor scan mcm ada something and doktor consider pregnant.. tkut😭

1y ago

Puan dah pergi kk? Selalunya kes mcmni akan refer kk, and kk akan bg suggestion/solution. Mcm saya harini patut 2nd dose, tp saya pergi je ppv consult dgn dr kat situ. And dia refer case saya ke kk.

takde pape mslh pun utk 2nd dose kena make sure kandungan 14w n above..nk lg confirm, boleh consult dgn doc masa buat scan utk confirmation upt 😊

1y ago

no prob 😊 mcm i 1st dose 6hb7 n should be period 16hb7..after 2 weeks lepas tarikh yg spatotnya period tu i tak period2..then cek upt +ve..cpt2 g klinik, consult doc mtk cancelkan app 2nd dose sbb utk 2nd dose 7hb 9 tu belum cukup 14w lg 😁

insyaAllah xde apa2.. lepasni second dos bg thu yg puan pregnant and make sure amik pada 14 minggu ke atas..

1y ago

I hope so too. In shaa Allah aamiin, already told the dr td. Thank you!

saya ada dengar memang below 14 weeks xleh vacsin sis sebab baby nak membesar. kalau was2 kena consult doctor.

Takde masalah insyaAllah.

1y ago

I hope so too. In shaa Allah aamiin