I have been out of jobs since I withdrew my #1 from infantcare and only recently went back to work after a tedious time finding an available slot in childcare for my son. However, my job is only a temporary assignment of 3 mths as I am pregnant. I am facing some financial difficulties thus have also switched from private gynae to subsidised one and cut down on many expenses and am aggressively looking for part time or freelance jobs but chances of being hired seem very low. I have a major concern which is the childcare fee. Soon I will not qualify for working mother subsidies. Are there any avenues through which I can apply subsidies or gov help for my son's childcare fees while I give birth and take 1-2 months to recuperate?

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Do you have family member (e.g. parents or in-laws) at home to help to take care your no.1? If yes, you might want to consider to let your no.1 to join 4 hours kindergarten (N1 to K2) instead? This will be a cheaper alternative. If there is no caretaker at home, you can actually try to apply additional subsidy as mentioned by Reine above.

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Try this website for all the listed assistance for Low income family. https://app.msf.gov.sg/Assistance Alternatively, you can also approach your MP to see if there's anything he/she can help. Usually they would be able to give a you a letter that might be useful when applying the subsidies, if you are applicable.

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maybe you can go to social worker to ask them to help you. for working abit hard for you to work. how many months is your son? ur son childcare you can ask the principal for startup grant so you wont have to pay so much fee and your gynae go for subsidies so you wont have to pay so much.

Yes there are other subsides available. Many people are not aware about it. Approach your nearest family service centre in your area. They will be able to advise and do the necessary for you. The fsc is the best place to approach with regards to child care.

Talk to the centre in charge and get him/her to apply financial assistance for you. However this is only for cc fees. If you're facing issues in other financial aspect, you can approach social worker for transport allowances, household vouchers, etc.

You can approach the childcare's supervisor to ask to apply for additional subsidies. There should be an additional subsidies for low income family. Or you can go to family centres for help.

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Check with the childcare. I think still can get working mother subsidy if you can show that you are actively looking for job or looking after another kid.

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You can approach social worker and MCPS. They will be able to help you. Check with the childcare, they have many grants to help parents too.